Auto Insurance

wrecked car

Getting auto insurance has changed drastically over the years. Simply having a “good” driving record is not all insurers look at. Your “Financial Responsibility” or “Insurance Score” (which essentially means your credit history) determines your auto rate as much as prior tickets or accidents.

Whether you have one car or a driveway full, we can help.

Home Insurance

House on fire

Obtaining Home insurance in Texas is not as easy as it once was. Surprisingly, we have a way to insure just about anyone who wants solid, comprehensive coverage for their most valuable asset, their home.

Past Home Losses or Claims? No problem.

Adverse Credit? We can handle that too!

Flood Insurance

home destroyed by flood

Even though flood insurance is relatively inexpensive, most homeowners do not choose to purchase the insurance protection available. According to the Federal Insurance Administration, less than one-quarter of the homes in areas most vulnerable are insured against flood loss. In those areas, flooding is 24 times more likely to occur than a fire during the course of a typical 30 year mortgage.

A standard Texas homeowners insurance policy will not cover damages caused by flooding.

Flood Insurance Premium Quote

Flood insurance is a government sponsored program covering building and personal property for damage caused by rising water. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) issues the policy which it distributes through insurance agencies like “Liere Insurance.” Rates are the same with every insurer. For an immediate quote, call us toll free at (855) 776-2300.

Liere Insurance is licensed in the State of Texas only.